Who Are You When All Is Stripped Away?

Join the spiritual bootcamp that slices away illusion, reconnects you to ancient forces within, and uncovers your unique soul essence.

August 28 - September 2 2024 | Ojai, California

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The Spirit Of A Man

is for 12 carefully selected men who...

Want everything out of life: the money, the sex, the power but not to be dependent on these external sources to feel solid.

Have a desire to cultivate an unshakeable and unbreakable presence inside themselves.

Are wanting to move beyond ‘wanting to be liked’, wanting to ‘look good’, and want to find their authentic voice irrespective of who is in the room.

Are longing for more integrity in their lives, want to learn how to honor his commitments, & express his boundaries.

Are feeling the void of modern day life which disconnects them from primal essence & ancient warrior within.

Want to move beyond the new age spirituality fluff and into deep, raw states of humanity.

The Gifts You Will Receive

A Mystical Journey Into Your Primal Power.


Move beyond friendship and experience a ‘fellowship’. A friendship with will. What happens when 12 men come together with a common goal. Slicing away the fake, cutting through all illusions, and demanding the higher self be revealed. The medicine of men which you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

Mastery Training

Learn how to sit in the burning fire and tension of truth without wiggling. Find your unshakeable core within that can withstand anything. Find the part of yourself that cannot be stopped, cannot be killed, and cannot be suppressed. Learn how to have penetrating fierceness & loving grace. Learn how to have a huge heart, but with your spine protecting it.


Awaken a deep 3rd eye & primal vision and intuition that you will bring into every arena of your life. Smell trouble from miles away. Stop living from the calculator of the mind and start listening to the vast & wildly intelligent belly. Find your deep inner knowing. Explore the conversation underneath the conversation to ‘know’ what people's intentions, weaknesses, superpowers & inauthenticites are. At the Spirit of a Man you will both give and receive direct & sometimes confrontational feedback about the way each other are showing up.

What is The Spirit Of A Man?

Men today do not have a rite of passage.

We have been trained to be polite, to be nice, and to make sure everybody around us feels safe.

The expense of this societal dogma for many men is that we have lost our spine, our bellies, and our primal essence. We are left feeling domesticated and disconnected from our wild.

Digital addiction and stimulation takes us further and further away from our animal instincts & from our soul essence.

We create 'alpha' or 'machismo' characters and facades to feel tough and strong, because we have lost touch with our deep nature.

We lean on our accomplishments, our money, or our status to feel proud.

What would life be like without resting on your money and status to feel safe and whole?

What would it feel like to meet the world unprotected, unguarded, & present for everything.

Who are you when all is stripped away? Not interested in finding out now? Good luck at death. Life is but a preparation for death.

Take a seat in the wild with a circle of men. Leave your cell phone and bank account behind.

One is left with the demons of his mind. The wounds in the heart. And the vulnerability of being a human being.

Same guts, same cuts, same crazy.

This container will be a great equalizer.

You may feel safe in your ego but it is resting on a house of cards.

Can you find your edge and surf it? Can you find your center and sit in it through all turbulence?

Learn to be still, present, and clear through all adversity and confrontation.

Learn to be loving and open hearted.

Learn to be fierce.

Learn to penetrate to the core of another human being.

Learn how to energetically and psychologically spar with one another.

This is the Spirit of a Man.

The Results Are Inarguable...


Iman Gadzhi, 9 figure entrepreneur & YouTuber

“This is my first testimonial I have ever done in my entire life. So that should tell you something about Josh Macin. This work needs to be experienced if you want a clear mind, heart & spirit.” 

Carson Gulledge, Computer Engineer

"The other reason to do this is to be around a Josh Macin. This man is magnetic, there is no other way to put it. He is on a train of truth and progress that you need to be a part of. And once you experience it you are not going to want to stop. He never stops improving and never stops striving for growth. He's an unstoppable force and these workshops need to be experienced”

Greg Shilling, Singer

“I am alive thanks to Josh and this work. This work has profoundly changed my life in every single way possible”

Dr. Scott Baker, Upper Cervical Doctor

“Josh is a powerful & humble leader. He doesn’t just talk, he walks the walk. He held an incredibly powerful space for The Spirit of a Man”

Thijs Yachtenberg, Entrepreneur

“Josh absolutely changed my life. Not only me, but every single person in this group was completely transformed. If you feel that intuitive call to go to something like this, go for it! You won't regret it. Every minute that you spend here is a huge ROI.”

Zach Saltzman, UC Berkeley HR

“I attended Josh's Detox Retreat in January 2018. I'm not really a review person, mostly because my experiences in the retreat/self-improvement areas tend to be very neutral. I go to an event, get hyped up, and literally the next day end up right back where I was before. I can finally say that at this retreat I've had a transformational experience.I've waited 3 weeks to write this review to make sure it wasn't just a temporary high, it's not. I feel profoundly different, whereas before I felt stuck. I feel more comfortable sharing my more authentic self with others. Lastly, I know a tribe of warriors, who aren't afraid of going to dark places with me.”

Peter Hoffman, Health Coach & Entrepreneur

“The Spirit of a man has been a totally transformational experience. Josh's ability to hold space for me and the whole group has been incredible. His range and ability to hold space is wide. Not only penetrating and piercing through the BS, but also totally the opposite - being able to hold loving and caring space when needed. And that is what I was in awe of the whole time, his magic ability to do this. I feel like Josh truly has my back and that is something that is really rare. Together, we have been through the mud, crossing the dark nights, through the rivers, up the mountain, & down the mountain together…”

Colin Pomeroy, Entrepreneur

"I have been to all of Josh's retreats and they just keep getting better and better. They all completely blow my mind, and open me to the awe and wonder of the world. I can't recommend his retreats enough, they are some of the most transformative events I have ever been to."

Josef Baker, Entrepreneur

“Getting into the belly has helped me feel all of my suppressed emotions and deeply feel who I am and what I want. Josh is amazing at pushing you to feel what you are really about underneath the BS. This journey was very special and life is more alive, and fun this way. I feel way more solid as a man after this experience.”

Jesse Elder, Entrepreneur & Founder of Timepiercer

"After personally experiencing Josh Macin's magic, I can happily recommend this retreat with a whole heart."


The Retreat Center

10 acres in Ojai, California

Outdoor Pool, Cold-Plunge, Yoga Studio

What's Included

- All food and lodging included
- Shadow work
- Detox teachings
- Cleaning the energy & etheric body
- Breath-work and meditations to increase stem cell production & unlock 3rd eye
- Deep intimate sharings
- Psychological and energetic sparring
- Learn about boundaries and speaking your truth
- Meet fellow warriors of light from around the world
- Alice Maisetti (world renowned yoga teacher and my wife) will be teaching Pranic breathwork and yoga.
- Digital Detox
- And much more...

About Josh Macin.

I was the 2010 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion & the 2012 Pan American Champion. In 2013, after years of competitive BJJ and successfully working in corporate America, I became extremely mentally and physically ill. I traveled around the world for 4 years, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on doctors, shamans & healers (I even lived in the Amazon jungle for 9 months and drank ayahuasca 31 times!) and eventually healed myself through the power of detoxification, shadow-work & spiritual techniques that I learned from the countless teachers I had.. Now I work with high performers to help them heal, awaken & find their primal power.

Fast forward to 2021, I was in Tulum Mexico with a beautiful girlfriend. 7 figures in the bank. I set my life up so that I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I was my own boss and I had very little restrictions and responsibilities in my life. All of this freedom made me fucking miserable. Idle hands make the devil’s workshop. I was missing a tribe. I was missing people calling forth my highest self and demanding the best of me. I was missing my wild. Lions in the wild are in their prime. I was in a zoo. So I created The Spirit of a Man to help men find their primal, surf their edge, and train for battle. It is a Shamanic, psychological, & primal experience that is something I wished I had all these years.

About the Facilitators

Alice Maisetti

International yoga teacher, embodiment coach, creative entrepreneur, yoga model & athlete.

I began training and competing in gymnastics at 10 years old, in Italy, and after receiving awards and recognitions, through the years I have gone on to learn several styles of Yoga in India and other parts of the world, including advanced practice of asana, pranayama, breath work, mindfulness, as well as taking a deep dive into mobility and functional movement.

And most importantly, Josh's wife 😊

Thea Dixon, Head Ceremonial Chef

Thea has traveled the world to work with clients in the comfort of their own home and also in various healing clinics as an energy medicine practitioner, personal chef and wellness coach. Thea’s innate passion and working with clients for over 35 years led her to create her signature innovative holistic approach for mind, body, and spirit. Her clients learn empowerment for long-lasting sustainable health with other numerous benefits for years to come.

Uni Agape, Assistant and Sous Chef

A prayerformance heartist, multi-modality healer, and shamantrepreneur who helps visionary evolutionaries upgrade their energetic intelligence and service to humanity. Uni has spent a decade working with communities, families, fortune 500 executives, pro-athletes, online platforms, and experts in performance, the healing arts, and leadership. His selfless service is practical and unique, combining the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of each individual, to provide customized healing solutions to way-show a deepening of our connection with nature, sound, breath and energetic medicine.

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*Josh's retreats always fill up within a couple weeks after public launch. If you feel the call, don't hesitate. There will not be another Spirit of a Man until the second half of 2024.

Each retreat, we get over 100 applicants but can only accept 12 men. If you want to be considered for this retreat, please fill out this waitlist form in detail and with full attention.