Achieve Superhuman Performance, God-Like Flow State, & Meet Your Soul Tribe

Going through the $200 billion holistic health and spiritual healing maze is a nightmare. I built a community so that you don’t have to go through it alone.

“Now that I know the results, I'd be willing to sell my car, sell my house, rent a shack… whatever it would take to get me to the health I experience every day now. I'm not even exaggerating!”
- Kyle Miller, Seattle WA
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If you are serious and ready to radically transform your mind, body and spirit…

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What's Included in The Mastermind

  • 3 months unlimited access to me via Telegram & email
  • Weekly 1 on 1 video calls
  • Personalized detoxification & rejuvenation protocol which includes gut healing, mucoid plaque cleansing, remineralization with exotic superfoods, liver flushing, heavy metal chelation, & parasite cleansing.
  • Tap into my incredible network of energetic healers, shamans, neuromuscular specialists, chiropractors, and doctors. The most elite specialists I found after spending $750k+ on my health.
  • Checking on the “circuit breakers” that destroy peoples health and nervous systems. Thyroid, C-1/C-2, Root canals/cavitations, Tonsils
  • Dramatic transformation to vitality, sex drive, well-being, clarity & focus
  • Shadow-work, primal belly work, awakening the pineal gland (3rd eye), having proper boundaries, integrity, & finding your authentic voice
  • Full access to masterclass (2018 & 2022 version)
  • Turning your home into a sanctuary
  • Learn how to take care of your body & brain for the rest of your life
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Listen to These Clients Who Have Implemented Josh's Techniques to Radically Transform Their Lives

Iman Gadzhi, 22 year old worth $30 million
Alex Becker, CEO of 9-Figure Sofware Company HYROS

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